What a way to end the year!!

Thank you so much to everyone who made last night such an amazing experience and such a wonderful way to close out what has been a year of amazing momentum for Cure For Gravity.

Special shout outs for last night to Andrew LevinThe HAMixtape Artist ManagementAmit Schulman (our newest member on bass), Casey Cameron(for bringing the love on keys), Awaken Cafe (for always being so welcoming),Sarah Sexton (from OIM for giving us the night and coming out to support!),Daniel Garcia (for making us look so good!), and Chris at Awaken for making the night sound awesome. Of course to all our friends for coming out on a wet Oakland eve!

And to new friends in the crowd, Michael ShionoAlexys Germain ParisEmily Afton Moldenhauer and Victor Casillas Valle,

Still floating on last night's high - thank you!!

HERE are some photos from the evening's festivities!