KickStarter, Tour and Shows Update

We’ve been a bit off the radar since closing our KickStarter and one of our backers reminded me of this sad fact at sword point yesterday morning so I’m here to give you a long overdue Weekend Update!

Part of our delay in updates has been due to the fact we immediately jumped into planning on an early spring tour of the Southwest which would culminate in a showcase at SXSW in Austin. This is still in the works and not 100% confirmed but things are looking positive - so - one of our KickStarter goals is already coming to life thanks to all of you!

This Friday I’ll be meeting with our producer, Gabriel Shepard ( to plot out the remaining studio sessions needed to bring this thing home. We should be heading in to finish up loose ends and begin final mixing within the next two weeks!

Some quick notices - if you’ve not already - please head over to - scroll down and sign up on our mailing list on the right-hand side. This will help you stay abreast of all our upcoming shows and tour dates and other information.

Next Up:
Awaken Cafe - Oakland, CA - Saturday, February 7th
Brick & Mortar - San Francisco, CA - Sunday, March 1st
Tour - TBD - Southwest (CA, AZ, NM, TX) - March 14-22

We’re also hard at work planning our Producers Party so stay tuned for details!

Thank you!

Cure for Gravity

P.S. Iv’e had several people ask about getting in on our KickStarter even though it’s already closed. It’s not too late to donate towards our recording and touring - if you visit our KickStarter page - select a reward level - then message me here we can get you on the list for those rewards - thanks for asking all!