We are simply without words this morning!! For quite awhile there it was looking pretty bleak and somehow once we got past the halfway mark the ball just started rolling down hill and so many amazing people hopped on to help us kick this over with only hours to spare!!!

Having funded our own projects for years this is truly an amazing and humbling moment for all of us here in Cure for Gravity. To know that all of you believe enough in what we’re doing that you would step up, especially this time of year, to make such an amazing thing a reality for us….your generosity and unwavering support will not go unrewarded. Without all of you this album would be sitting on a hard drive for a good part of the next year!

Thank you again to all of you who supported us from day one and stay tuned over the weeks ahead and we update you on the progress of the album, events and merchandise you’ve helped us create!

Words cannot express our gratitude!!

Thank you,

Cure for Gravity

P.S. It’s not too late to jump in if you still want to pick-up one of the remaining backer prizes - the KickStarter officially ends at 1:55pm PST.