Live Tonight on Mutiny Radio - Worldwide Premiere! :)

Catch us LIVE in person - OR - Streaming on the web this Saturday, October 24th,  on Mutiny Radio's 'Sounds from the Street' with DJ Aisha. We'll have a short interview and then a live set featuring our newest member, Amit Schulman, on bass.

The Cafe space here in SF is small but even if you can't make it in person you can catch the live stream online here:

Can't commit to Saturday - please just COME anyway and check us out after the fact. Just watch the page for Sounds from the Street for the show to be posted Sunday:

This is a great chance for our remote fans to hear what we're up to without having to leave the comfort of your chair or wait for us to come to your town!!

The show is from 6-8 and a talk show format.

Renuncia Ya!

We just finished our recent tour to Colorado and had the pleasure of getting to hang with my new friend Daniel Garci, a very passionate and talented artist across more disciplines than I can wrap my head around.  

He headed back home to Guatemala post tour and put together this inspiring song and video to help illuminate the challenges of the people there under the current regime.  Please take a moment to view and share!

Mad Men Finale Why?

Because Mad Men is a show you can watch with the sound off. It a a visual feast or should I say come 11pm tonight, "Was...." ....  I know it sounds odd that a TV show could potentially inspire art but this show has inspired me in ways you cannot imagine.  It wil be sad to see it go but as Weiner said himself," it's only the end of a story". And now it's time for us to move on and make our own. Thank you for that Mr Weiner.